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The Tommyknockers – Stephen King

This huge novel by Stephen King was actually written decades ago, but I have only recently read it as I have only recently decided to find out for myself what all the fuss was about!  Loved it! An epic!

Before The Tommy Knockers, I read ‘Under the Dome’ by the same author and massively enjoyed the reading experience. This was the reason I sought out The Tommy Knockers – I needed another story of epic proportions, a vast range of excellent characters and a mystery at the heart of it all. The Tommy Knockers is more a science fiction story than horror, the genre that many people associate with Stephen King – personally, as I go along, I find I am preferring his sci fi books!

The Tommyknockers - Stephen King

The book begins with the central character Bobbi Anderson taking her dog for a walk as she would any other day. On this particular day, she trips over something poking out of the ground and takes a closer look. As she strips back some of the earth she finds an object that has been buried for hundreds of years maybe more. Gradually, Bobbi becomes obsessed with stripping down all the earth and debris that has collected over the object until some changes start taking place in her. The obsession becomes possession as the object in the ground is revealed to be a spaceship with hypnotic powers over anyone that comes close. Even the friendly little dog becomes possessed and breeds fear in all other animals he comes into contact with.

What happens next is that gradually, pretty much, the whole town of Haven in Maine (Stephen King fans will recognise this location from his other books) becomes involved in the uncovering and protecting of the alien spaceship. The local characters that we know to be nice genuine people begin spitting out teeth, losing hair and gradually become homicidal. Next all who live in Maine are either killing or being killed. A whole town is transformed into galactic servants intent on digging out the spaceship so that it can continue with its plan ie destroy the earth? As the net spreads and people outside of Haven attempt to venture into the town, severe nausea, tooth loss and headaches force them to turn around and leave.

Not all are susceptible to the commands and domination of the spaceship, amongst them is friend of the central character Bobbi, Gard, who’s metal plate embedded in his skull prevents the transmissions from going through. Gard is a character (a similar type to the one in ‘Under the Dome’) who’s thoroughly lived his life and who offers us hope that we could be saved from impending destruction. But I don’t want to spoil it for you. Read this book, there’s more where this came from!

When you’ve read this, why not have a go at ‘Under the Dome’?